The House of Bordeaux

Human History

More than any other clan, the vampires of this house groom potential mortal candidates for an immortal life. Even for those champions that are not chosen, often find their lives paved with destiny, destiny that is ensured by immortal interference. One of the greatest champions of this house is whispered to be William the Conqueror.

The human history of the house of Bordeaux is obscured by secrecy. This secrecy was put into place when The House of Bourbon began to target the mortal favorites of the House of Bordeaux.

Vampires of Bordeaux

Long enemies of The House of Bourbon. Collectors of fine art.

Vampires of the House of Bordeaux get a +1 to their Intelligence score.

  • Dominate (Core Book pg. 161)
  • Thaumaturgy (Core Book pg. 168)

The House of Bordeaux

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