Long before Europeans ever arrived in North America, there existed the legends of shape shifters. Some, like the European werewolf, can change form into wolves or half wolf, half human hybrids. But “Skinwalkers,” as the Native Americans call them, also come in variety of breeds.

Unlike, European were-creatures, skinwalkers are born in the wild. They are animal spirits that become men (or women), instead of the other way around. Nor or skinwalkers affected by the moon. Skinwalkers have complete control over when they change.

Like European were-creatures, skinwalkers are vulnerable to silver and fire.

Skinwalkers will, if possible, avoid harming shamans that have a totem animal that is of the same breed. Skinwalkers see such shamans as kindred spirits and will listen to their advice, as well as give it.

Skinwalkers place discipline points into gifts. Skinwalkers have a given amount of power (called “Rage” in werewolves) each night. This power is renewed each night.

Shared Gifts

Shape Shift – Skin Walkers may take three forms: Man, Hybrid, and Animal. They may change at any time provide they have enough power reserved to do so. Each change costs 1 point of power.

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Players’ Note

More detail to existing breeds can be added, or additional breeds can be created, depending on player interest.


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