Shamans, also known as Medicine Men, are respect members of Native American tribes. They can tap into the Earth Mother’s magic and bend it to their will. Shamans all have a chosen totem, an animal spirit that speaks to them and guides them. The attributes of a shaman and, ultimately, the abilities of a shaman, are affected by their animal totem.

All shamans have access to the following disciplines:

  • Animalism (Core Book pg 158)
  • Melpominee (Players Guide pg. 135)
  • Gift of Morpheus (Sabbat pg. 114)
  • Summon Guardian Spirit (Sabbat pg. 118)
  • Impassable Trail (Sabbat pg. 118)
  • Respect of the Animals (Sabbat pg. 120)
Types of Shamans
Players’ Note

More detail to existing shaman types can be added, or additional shaman types can be created, depending on player interest.


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