House of Draculesti

Human History

The Drăculeşti one of two major rival lines of Wallachian voivodes of the House of Basarab, the other being the Dăneşti. These lines were in constant contest for the throne from the late fourteenth to the early sixteenth centuries. Descendents of this line would eventually come to dominate the rule of this principality until its unification with Transylvania and Moldavia by Mihai Viteazul in 1600.

The legacy of the Drăculeşti began in 1386 with the rule of Mircea cel Bătrân, one of the most important rulers in Wallachian history. The family is most remembered, however, for its association with Mircea’s grandson, Vlad III Drăculea

Vampires of the House of Drăculeşti

Vampires of the House of Drăculeşti have a +1 to their Stamina

  • Protean (Core book pg. 167)
  • Thanatosis (Players Guide pg 143)

House of Draculesti

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