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The year is 1775. A raven shaman of the Oneida tribe has crossed the ocean and spoken to each of the vampire houses. His words of knowledge have shaken the underworld. He knows of things that no mortal should know. He tells of a future of darkness. A future that shall destroy both the dead and the living. A future that can only be averted through the actions of the chosen.

Rule Set

This campaign will use Vampire: the Requiem dice rules. These rules just streamline the dice rolls. All of the Vampire: the Masquerade material can still be used. However, instead of using the traditional vampire clans, we are using somewhat historical family houses as the basis for the varying types of vampires.

The wiki has basic descriptions for The Vampire Houses we have so far. I intend for this game to be very open to anything that anyone wants to try. So if you’d like you can create your own vampire house and chose its disciplines, advantages, and history. You are also free to play a lupine, a skinwalker, a witch, a regular human, or anything else that you think might suit the setting.

Other Rule Changes

Vampires have access to a shared set of disciplines that are common traits that most vampire myths share.

Celerity provides a bonus to initiative, but does not give extra actions.

Some Shamans, Witches, and Skinwalkers can use Thaumaturgic Rituals as if they are disciplines. By placing additional points into these rituals, they gain extra die rolls which increases their chance of, and the extent of, success.


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