Hedge Witch

Hedge witches are related to the village witches of old. The term, hedge witch, comes from the fact that your average European village, in time gone by, was surrounded by a hedge or woods. Beyond that hedge was unknown land, beyond their known perception… i.e. the Other World. The village witches of this era usually lived just beyond or just before this hedge. The hedge was a metaphor a walker between the worlds.

It also denoted that said witch was an herb worker, a healer, because they spent much time in the hedge looking for the herbs necessary to heal or enchant.

Hedge Witches start with 2 points in Knowledge Medicine.

  • Obeah (Player’s Guide pg. 137)
  • Gift of Morpheus (Sabbat pg. 114)
  • Summon Guardian Spirit (Sabbat pg. 118)
  • Impassable Trail (Sabbat pg. 118)
  • A Touch of Nightshade (Sabbat pg. 118)
  • Friend of the Trees (Sabbat pg. 118)
  • Keening of the Banshee (Sabbat pg. 120)

Hedge Witch

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