Important Persons

Lord William Campbell

Royal Governor of South Carolina

John Carnes

Royal Exchequer, collector of revenue

Lord Abner Bosworth

A nobleman who formerly worked with the East India Trading Company. He is now working hard at transforming Charles Town into a major port.

Mrs. Swallows

Proprietor of Shepherd’s Tavern

Sani Wicasa

The Raven Shaman whose vision has captured the attention of the vampire houses. His name means “old sage.”

Elizabeth Bard

Vampire of House Bordeaux, queen vampire of Charles Town.

Leopold Habsburg

A vampire of House Habsburg, Elizabeth suspects he is of very old royal blood. He is severely disfigured and lives in isolation in the forest near Charles Town.

Camelia Enescu

A vampire of House Danesti (a branch of the House of Basarab), Camelia plays the role of a popular, yet somewhat scandalous, socialite. She professes to have a great friendship with Elizabeth, although Elizabeth gives does not appear to trust her.

Daniel O’Brian

Chief of the Town Watch

Important Persons

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