The amount of equipment that a character can obtain is based upon the number of dots that the character has in the resources merit.

No dots mean that the character likely only has a set of plain clothes. A single dot means the character may own a weapon, various pieces of survival equipment and a weapon. Two dots might mean that the character has enough funds to rent a room and dine at the local inn. Three dots allows the purchase of a small home and fancy clothing. With four dots character might own an inn or business. A character with five dots can own a mansion on an estate and have servants at their beck and call.

For Native Americans, access to resources are usually represented by influence within a tribe or region rather than having access to any currency.

The resources that a European character may have in an urban area will likely not be of much use in the wilderness. Native Americans have no use for British pound notes. Likewise, Native Americans who wield enough influence to be presented with a horse should the need arise in the wilderness may not have any buying power within a city.




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